Templates to Make the Job Flow and Easier to Organize for Action 1/

Templates for SAM 10 Stage Process for Sustainable Success

Templates for Financial Management and Program Evaluation are found by clicking on the desired link to the left if you have permission to work in this space. To determine if you have access to these materials please contact Jayne Nussbaum at NPHI.

Template for creating Private Wiki Access pages and Private Wikis.

1/ When using the Wiki the task is to organize the work of the teams in order to develop the objectives, measures and supporting initiatives that will address the LPHI Priority Health Issues derived from the various community MAPP processes. This is not where these objectives, measures, supporting initiatives or tasks will be monitored. That will happen in the InsightVision Strategy Management Tool designed for the LPHI for the purpose of managing the LPHI strategy development and implementation plan. The Wiki is tool is "an integrated scratch pad", if you will, allowing groups to sketch out (virtually) your group's diverse ideas and organize then into smooth (aka refined) objectives that are easier to enter into the Insightvision Strategy Management Tool. Therefore, the templates and pages in this wiki are organized to facilitate development and to engage the widest number of agencies / geographies in order capture everyone's ideas.
2/ The Brainstorming Topic Summary List is designed organize all the major topics for brainstorming in detail in a tabular format for easier Wiki management.