This page allows the user to access SAM (Strategy-Aligned Management) by using the 10 Stage SAM process advocated by Insightformation. To access a program that is using the 10 Stage SAM process please click on the link below to take you to the appropriate that is using the 10 Stage SAM process for its effective implementation. For programs already in existence that need revision upon review and which could benefit from the use of the 10 Stage SAM process to make them more effective will be considered in "redevelopment" and will also be able to be accessed in the list shown below.

(List under development. The LPHI and Insightformation teams are working collaboratively to create a comprehensive list for user of this Wiki. Please return in 30 days for progress or consult Jayne Nussbaum @ LPHI to determine your role in this emerging effort. At this their none and what appears below if for functionality demonstrations at this point.)

New Programs scheduled in CY 2013 to use the 10 Stage SAM Process

Existing Programs that are expected to use the 10 Stage SAM to increase program effectiveness
Example: NP-XYZ Program

Example: EP-ABC Program
Strategic Objectives - LPHI

Strategic Objectives - PCCP