Training Videos

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Date Created

Training Video Title
05 mins

InsightVision Short Demo
13 mins

InsightVision Overview/Introduction
78 mins

21 Oct, 2011

Initial Training on SAM and InsightVision
24 mins

01 Nov, 2011

Using the Wiki for Accessing Data Sources
52 mins

22 Nov, 2011

Suggested innovations for improving community health
06 mins

02 Jan, 2012

Using the Wiki for aggregating research information for a grant application
06 mins

03 Jan, 2012

How To tips for Editing and Saving wiki pages
08 mins

26 Nov, 2012

Using "Brainstorming Templates" developing in this Wiki

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Link to Bellingham, Washington'a video demonstrating their Integrated Balanced Scorecard * This link demonstrates how InsightVision can be linked to PH homepage to make benchmark performance reporting seamless and transparent. The Insightformation team can facilitate this should your PH team opt to use this advanced feature.*

Please follow the two embeded links indicated below to see the example of an integrated IV system with a County website in this case:
  • Example of how IV can be integrated into say the LPHI website or other community health website. In this way while partners are working hard to manage the details the public we serve can see progress and it will all be seamless. Bellingham, Washington did a great job working with the IV team help them with their legacy reporting.
  • Additionally, Bellingham did a very nice video to help anyone who comes to the site to view the performance data understand the Balanced Scorecard approach.