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Project Initiative: e.g. Health Communities
Project Funder: The Kresge Foundation
Funder Website: Enter Funder's Website
Project Total Award Amount: $750,000
Project Period: Jul. 01, 2010 - Jun. 30, 2013
Project Geographical Scope: (To be defined)
Project Goal(s): To provide a broad range of community data and implementation guidance, tools and technical assistance to New Orleans neighborhoods recovering from Hurricane Katrina and decades of community disparities so as to enable residents to build a sustainable community of healthy neighborhoods

Table of Updates: In the table below enter the updates including positive and not so positive issues that occurred since the late dated update.
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Jun 21, 2012

Mary Q Public

Example: The project team met to brainstorm the various issues and to begin to address the road blocks that will need to be overcome for
successful application of this project in the target population as defined above. The meeting lasted 3 hrs with a great of information captured
in other parts of this Wiki (See brainstorming Topics List to see that information.) The next meeting is scheduled for 25 Aug 2012 @ the
Hopeful Place in Watertown @ 3 pm.