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Original "Brainstorming" Session including Ideas to Close the From-To GAP for FL - Escambia Community Clinics

FROM (Current State)

TO (Desired State)

1. The clinic doesn't have backup electrical power.
1. The clinic has backup electrical power.
Ideas to close this From-To Gap: (Example - Ideas of how to get to the desired state):
  • Purchase a generator using the PCCP funds.
  • work with local utility to increase response time - improved communication
  • work with Emergency
  • solar panels
  • emergency plan on medication
2. The clinic has a problem with recruiting and retaining PC physicians.
2. The clinic is adequately staffed with good retention
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • Enanble them to use GRHOP funding to recruit and retain
  • Leverage National health Service Corp, AHEC, academic programs and other university partners
  • look at ACA and other regional funding, optimizing funding
  • model of non-physician clinicians
  • optomizing efficiency of non-physician staff
  • optimize revenue to sustain or augment salaries
  • shared physician staffing model with network
  • training the full care team to work at the top of their scope
  • better assure that they are working within their scope
3. Mental/behavioral health integration and referral network is insufficient
3. Fully integrated and referral network sufficient
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • additional assessment of primary care/behavioral health integration at clinic level
  • assess resources at community level, as relates to U of W Florida
  • clinic needs comprehensive care team and plan, identified need: psychiatrist
  • identify and assess ED data for MH/BH issues
  • telehealth
  • state policies around reimbursements for MH/BH
  • EMR - analysis to what is being captured, standardization, meaningful use
  • training primary and behavioral health care providers
  • patient education
4. Medication, esp. BH meds
4. Topic 4
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • patient and provider literacy
  • affordabity - PAP, Central Fill
  • medication reconsiliation
5. Not an enrollment facility
5. Clinic can enroll in several benefits services
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • "Medicaider": benefits screening and enrollment program
  • Gather sufficient information on State's plan for Medicaid expansion

  • Idea
6. Not PCMH
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • technical assistance on PCMC - LPHI vs. PDCD, PCA, or other
  • assess for PCMH
  • MU 2 and 3
  • work with FACHC
7. EMR not fully implemented
7. EMR fully implemented
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • work with All Scripts - Indepth assessment regarding update needs; Optimization/versioning
  • Idea
  • Idea
8. Lack of dental services*
8. Provide dental services
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • assess more on dental care needs
  • assess Medicaid reimbursement for preventative dental care
  • are you utilizing National Service Corp for dental services?
  • establish a mobile unit with university
9. Lack of patient engagement
9. Patient has access/utilizes services
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • Increase transportation
  • patient-provider communication
  • State advisory group to link these disparate services
  • health systems mapping of resources at county level
10. Challenges in fully implementing Emergency Preparedness plan
10. Ability to fully implement EP plan
Ideas to close this From-To Gap:
  • further assessing EP strategy
  • TA around EP
  • Idea
  • Idea